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Why Two Websites for AWC?



You may have noticed that A Woman’s Concern has two different websites: one for our clients and one for our supporters. Or maybe you have gone to our client website looking to make a donation or register for an event (not realizing there was a second website) and wondered why you couldn’t find what you were looking for!

What you’ll find on our supporters’ website:

In order to better engage with our friends and benefactors, we created the website. On this site, you will find information on our upcoming fundraising events, ways to support this mission of life (including making an online donation), hiring and volunteer information, and other important updates.

What you’ll find on our client website:

Our primary website at, on the other hand, is geared towards our clients and potential clients. After visiting and reviewing this client-facing website, our most discerning and engaged friends of life sometimes come away asking some very important questions regarding just what A Woman’s Concern’s position on abortion is. We are grateful for your support understand how important it is to you to know exactly who and what you are supporting and so we want to make it clear just who we are!

AWC is a life-affirming, faith-based ministry dedicated to serving families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our vision is to build a community where families are strong and Life is Cherished. All staff members and volunteers are unequivocally dedicated to our life affirming mission.

However, to accomplish this goal, we first must reach women where they are and make them feel welcomed coming into the center. We serve a young generation that uses social media and websites to gain information and to decide who they can trust. With that in mind, we created our client-facing website to reach those that need our services the most – the young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy who is considering abortion and is searching for information on her options and looking for support in deciding what to do next.

If you go to, you will find information that has been specifically created to answer her immediate questions, reduce her fears, and encourage her to set up a medical appointment at AWC. Those who visit our site often discover our videos and blogs under the tab “Choose to Know” which answer the questions women are asking at this very difficult time of life. Every word and picture on this site was intentionally chosen to reach HER with the knowledge, support, and medical help she is looking for.

To the dismay of some of our supporters, our website, as well as information given to patients during their appointments at AWC, does include information on abortion. We want the women we serve to be able to make a truly informed choice when it comes to their pregnancy options, and quite frankly, we’d prefer they get their information on abortion from us rather than from an abortion provider. Even more importantly, we want them to know that abortion is not their ONLY choice!

Truth matters. Please know that we make it clear that we do not provide or refer for abortion and/or contraception in all of our marketing materials, scripts, and on our website. In addition, all information that we provide is evidence based and medically accurate.

Ultimately, our hope and prayer is that every woman who visits our website or walks through our doors chooses life for her unborn child. However, we understand that the choice is hers. Our goal is to give her accurate information and do everything we can to address the issues and pressures that might be leading her to choose abortion, so that she can make a choice for life!

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 717.394.1561.

AWC is a pregnancy and parenting resource center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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