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Sonia* arrived for a pregnancy test appointment scared and alone. She and her boyfriend Greg* had tried to be responsible and prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Both were working hard toward their goal of attending the military police academy, and she was sure that a pregnancy would spoil everything she had hoped for her life.

When the pregnancy test came back positive, Sonia cried. Scheduled to head to boot camp in just a few short weeks, the couple had already talked about the possible pregnancy and had decided an abortion was the only answer that allowed them both to move forward as planned. Otherwise, she said she’d consider keeping the baby. We encouraged her to slow down and consider the possibility that she could pursue both motherhood and her career.

When Sonia brought Greg along for a second appointment, he was committed to supporting her in whatever she decided. After seeing their 11-week-old baby on the ultrasound screen, Greg changed his mind about being okay with an abortion. However, even with this option eliminated, they were still in a dilemma. They discussed adoption, and Sonia briefly considered going to boot camp without telling anyone she was pregnant. Again, we encouraged them to take their time and get the answers they needed before taking the next step.

Sonia was nervous about talking with her military supervisor, but when she called us back a few days later, she said the supervisor had been helpful and that her scheduled leave date for boot camp was postponed! Relieved, Greg and Sonia felt that their decision to continue the pregnancy was confirmed.

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After discussing adoption and parenting options with their families, the couple resolved to parent their baby, with their families’ full support. Sonia and Greg joined our Strong Families parenting education program right away, and as the pregnancy progressed, they faced their fears about becoming parents and grew increasingly confident in their decision.

Greg was a constant support to Sonia throughout her pregnancy, all the while preparing for his admittance to the police academy. Sonia took a job doing lighter work and continued to dream about her own military future.

In early 2020, Greg and Sonia welcomed a healthy son into their family and embraced parenthood. When COVID hit, everything suddenly stood still for Sonia’s plans, and then a few months later, she broke her foot. It seemed like the doors kept closing on her dream, but still she persevered through struggles with breastfeeding and sleep training and faithfully completed her parenting classes remotely.

Finally, as their baby’s first birthday neared, Sonia announced that she’d been rescheduled to start boot camp! After all of the difficulties and challenges, Sonia was finally seeing the fruit of her hard work and sacrifice. She knew it would be hard to leave the baby for training, but she was excited to be closer than ever to realizing her dream of someday becoming a Special Agent for the FBI.

Sonia and her son on graduation day!On her final day of parenting classes, Sonia beamed with pride over how far she, Greg, and their baby had come since that first appointment. She was grateful A Woman’s Concern had challenged her fears and empowered her to live out both of her dreams. Just recently, Sonia was finally able to pack up and head to training.

Our team is so proud of the hard work Sonia and Greg have done, both in their lives and in our program. This couple is proof that with hard work, encouragement, and a strong support system, even seemingly impossible dreams can be realized. You just have to take it one step at a time.

*Names changed.

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