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Your Impact: Tasha & Jeremy



Friendly words, kind smiles, truthful answers, and a plan for support is a constant at A Woman’s Concern. The snowballing effect of that smile and support often goes unseen—but not always!

When Tasha* shared the news about her potential pregnancy with a friend, she didn’t know her confidante was a faithful client who had taken advantage of our classes and support. With her friend’s encouragement, Tasha set up an appointment.

Tasha’s boyfriend Jeremy* was with her when she walked through our purple doors for her first visit. With a positive pregnancy test result, Tasha accepted the offer of an ultrasound exam. Her eyes widened when the image of her tiny, perfectly-formed 7-week-old baby appeared on-screen.

When they left after the appointment, the couple knew they wanted to parent but had many struggles and concerns. They were scared and didn’t know how to take a step forward—a step that would drastically change the course of their lives. “I wasn’t really sure about this whole pregnancy thing at first,” Tasha told her advocate, “but, when I saw that ultrasound screen, I fell in love instantly. Now I want to do whatever it takes for my baby.”

Truly all-encompassing care from A Woman’s Concern made the difference for Tasha. She and Jeremy signed up for parenting classes and quickly became raving fans. They faithfully attended each week all the way up until the birth of their daughter, even attending virtual classes when we had to temporarily shutter our physical doors in the spring due to the pandemic. Tasha and Jeremy were amazed by all the information they received.

Tasha’s virtual shopping session with advocate Sarah. Can you spot her on the little screen in Sarah’s hand?

Knowing material assistance was an important need for the couple, their advocate even facilitated a virtual “shopping” session so that Tasha could use her well-earned points on items for her baby while staying safely distanced.

“I tell everyone I know about AWC!” she told us. “Everything you learn about parenting, the advice and encouragement you get from the staff, and then the points on top of that is just so helpful! I don’t even know what I would do without these classes. Everyone who is having a baby needs to attend them.”

This is why our work matters! Mothers learn the truth about their pregnancy through a medical consultation, ultrasound, and pregnancy education. They get connected with valuable community resources they didn’t know existed. They learn about parenting through long-term education programs. They find encouragement through meeting with our advocates, nurses, and navigation coordinator.

A Woman’s Concern works diligently to make the best use of every gift we are given, so the impact ripples through the community, multiplying the good in all the lives touched.

Thanks to our donors and supporters, Tasha and Jeremy’s story, and so many more just like theirs, are possible!

*Names changed. Photo used with permission.

AWC is a pregnancy and parenting resource center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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