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As a faithful supporter of our mission, you are likely aware of the shocking removal of all state funds for pregnancy care centers across Pennsylvania. This cancellation of over $170,000 in annual funding to A Woman’s Concern alone, also comes with a heightened focus on the operations of pregnancy care centers across our state.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Michelle A. Henry, recently published a pregnancy related healthcare services notice for consumers. In this official memo, Attorney General Henry notes that many of the pregnancy care centers do not provide medical care nor do they have licensed medical professionals on staff. Additionally, Attorney General Henry urges pregnancy healthcare consumers to make sure they ask the right questions when calling a pregnancy care center.

It’s our goal here at AWC to provide evidence based and medically accurate information to each and every patient in our office. We agree with Attorney General Henry when she says, “In Pennsylvania, consumers are entitled to truthful and accurate information about the products and services they are in the market to procure, so that they can make informed decisions that are appropriate for their particular needs.”

With that being said, it is our desire to share a few key points with you and to answer each question outlined in Attorney General Henry’s memo – the same vetting questions she is recommending healthcare consumers ask before booking an appointment at a pregnancy care center.

Q: “Are you (the facility) licensed or regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and/or do you have licensed medical professionals on staff to provide medical services?”

A: A Woman’s Concern is medically licensed under Timothy Boley, M.D. Neonatal – Perinatal Medicine and AWC has a medical committee made up certified medical professionals.  The Medical Team at AWC includes five state certified medical providers: three Registered Nurses and three RDMS professionals.

Q: “What types of pregnancy-related services do you offer?

A: We offer medical and pregnancy services which include: limited OB ultrasound exams, limited STI testing, and professional grade pregnancy tests. Additionally, we provide safety and medical education on topics including: Labor and Delivery, Lactation Education, Newborn Care, Car Seat Safety, Healthy Relationships, Nutrition, Pediatric CPR, SIDS, Post-Partum Depression, Shaken Baby Syndrome, among others.

Q: Do you protect patient health information and data under HIPAA?

A: Yes. AWC voluntarily operates under HIPPA Compliance Laws, even though the state of PA does not require pregnancy care centers to comply with HIPPA. We uphold these high standards of confidentiality and respect for individuals’ Personal Health Information (PHI).

These facts are the firm foundation on which AWC serves women, babies, and families. Regardless of state funding, our doors will remain open because the pregnancy care we offer is backed by so many supporters like you. 

We eagerly anticipate a wonderful 2024, but it is not without this knowledge that state officials are actively attempting to close the doors of every pregnancy care center in PA. 

Thank you for boldly walking into this New Year with us as we look forward to celebrating our commitment to Building Strong Families that Cherish Life for years to come.

AWC is a pregnancy and parenting resource center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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